Are any of the degrassi cast dating

cast reunion&picture= Panel-2-7-2000x1333.jpg&description=This past weekend, five original cast members from Degrassi Junior High reunited at Toronto Comi Con.It was the first get-together in what's being billed as a cross-country tour spearheaded by Pat Mastroianni, better known to Canadians of a certain age as silver-tongued, fedora-topped rapscallion and Zit Remedy frontman Joey Jeremiah.I was afraid to talk about those issues and real life.That’s why I would always watch shows like, , and talent-based shows.” How did it feel to be starting a new chapter of a show that already has such a big history and following?Joining him onstage were Stefan Brogren (bandmate Archibald "Snake" Simpson, who still stars on the current incarnation), Dan Woods (no-nonsense teacher and principal Mr.Raditch), Kirsten Bourne (boyfriend-stealing Tessa Campanelli) and Stacie Mistysyn (aloof heartbreaker Caitlin Ryan).RH: “It is a lot of pressure, but in the best way.” SW: “You feel like you’re worth something.” RH: “You feel like you’re in a position where people believe you.

What made “Degrassi” truly great, was that it dealt with real issues teens faced in a positive but grounded manner.They started from the bottom The actors discussed their disparate paths to getting on the show.Mastroianni recalled a casting announcement on his school’s P.Here, the most memorable moments and trivia tidbits from the broomheads' delight.[caption id="attachment_416760" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Stefan Brogren (Archibald "Snake" Simpson), Dan Woods (Mr.

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