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Wall Street's biggest banks have been shutting down branches since the financial crisis.

The reason: They can do so without it having any real impact on the amount of business they pick up.

Rising healthcare costs are an issue for which providers are desperately seeking solutions.

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The number of Citigroup branches globally has fallen 9% in the past year, to 3004.Call center centralization: The cost analysis Any analysis of whether to centralize – consolidate call centers into one location -- or to decentralize a call center – retain multiple call center sites in different locations -- is difficult and may require rough estimates.But this information is necessary to properly staff a consolidated site.To shear its communications overhead, Banner chose to consolidate four independent communication centers operated by Banner’s Phoenix facilities into a single center to eliminate redundant facilities, equipment, and personnel.Banner’s leadership did the math and was confident that a technology-driven communication-center consolidation could streamline communication operations to lower costs, improve productivity, and elevate internal and external customer service levels.

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