Dating a guy with lots of female friends dating gestures that impress women

I never thought I would be the type of girl that would have a problem with this.

I've been the voice of reason for many a girlfriend who confided in me her deep concern that her boyfriend was a little too chatty with one of his female friends. He has many close female friends,most I'm pretty sure he's hooked up with.

as someone dating a guy with a lot of female friends, and as myself being one with a lot of male friends, i have to tell you, there is a reason why they are only friends.

if they were attracted to their friends, they probably would be dating them instead of you.

A man will fight for his woman when he knows he has no other options.

If there are options HE WILL NEVER FIGHT FOR Flaubert Ajiero: A guy with many female friends is a massive threat anytime any-day.

You feel there are "sharks" around him, you hear that someone sent him selfie and your brain proves the theory right.

Your brain is constantly giving positive feedback every time you hear that another female is around your boyfriend. Understand that no matter what you do, your boyfriend will always come around girls in his life.

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chances are he doesnt want to talk about his friends with you because he is afraid you might get jealous.

he seems to like me (a lot) but maybe he really likes half of his female friends (how much is half of a zillion? He's not very confident in general but to have so many girls (they actually walk up to him and flutter their eyelashes just to get his attention!!!

he does seem quite embarrassed when that happens but still...) you have to be a bit of a player right?

would you have apprehensions about dating a guy who has a lot of female friends some of whom are very attractive.

he has to spend a lot of time with them as they are at his workplace and he avoids opening up about them too much with you.

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