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Consciousness was not objective, therefore, not scientifically valid and could not be meaningfully studied was the thrust of Watson. He said that we do not show aggression or sociability because we are born with an instinct to do so, but because we have ‘learned’ to do so through conditioning.

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The connection between a stimulus and response is strengthened or weakened as a result of the consequences (effects) of the response.

Confirming reactions: Strengthen responses that produced satisfying states Law of use: Connections between a situation and a response are strengthened when they are used (practice)Law of Disuse: Connections between situations and responses are weakened when practice is discontinues or if the neural bond is not used.

Hull’s first major book on learning, Principles of Behavior (1943), radically Hull’s Approach to Theorizing Major Theoretical Concepts Hull on Reinforcement Major Differences between Hull’s 19 Theories Incentive Motivation (K)Stimulus-Intensity Dynamism Change from Drive Reduction to Drive Stimulus Reduction Fractional Antedating Goal Response The Habit Family Hierarchy Hull’s Final System Summarized Hull on Education Evaluation of Hull’s Theory Contributions Criticisms Kenneth W.

He gathered material on aptitude testing while teaching a course on the topic at the University of Wisconsin, and he published Aptitude Testing in 1928. Miller, Visceral Conditioning and Biofeedback CHAPTER6116 CHAPTER 6changed the study of learning.

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