Hp ux updating software with code word

The latest release of Superdome, HP Integrity Superdome supports the new and improved sx2000 chip set.The Integrity Superdome with the sx2000 chipset supports the Mad9M Itanium 2 processor at initial release.Furthermore, with version 11, ALM also became the database for HP's Performance Center (PC) enterprise performance testing product.So this article refers to "Quality Center" and ALM/QC as equivalent synonyms.EPIC implements a form of very long instruction word (VLIW) architecture, in which a single instruction word contains multiple instructions.

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HP researchers investigated a new architecture, later named Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC), that allows the processor to execute multiple instructions in each clock cycle.QC was one of several products (along with Load Runner, Win Runner, Quick Test Pro, as well as IT governance products) HP purchased with its acquisition of Mercury Interactive in 2003.Over time, this product's name changed from "Test Director" to Quality Center (QC) to ALM (for Application Lifecycle Management) in 2010 at QC version 11, when the product's value proposition became the management of Requirements, Test Plans, Test Execution, and Defects in a single system.HP Integrity Superdome also supports mixing the Itanium 2 1.6 GHz processor, PA 8800 and PA 8900 processors in the same system, but on different partitions, again only with the same chipset, sx1000 or sx2000.Throughout the rest of this document, the term HP sx1000 Integrity Superdome with Itanium 2 1.5 GHz processors, Itanium 2 1.6 GHz processors or mx2 processor modules will be referred to as simply "Superdome sx1000".

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