Objectdock weather docklet not updating

I have tried to create as complete a collection of weather icons as possible.There may still be some missing icon states but I believe they are the less seen or used icons.It has actually been around for quite some time, so you might even consider it a veteran of sorts. As the name implies, it’s a dock, which is a program that provides quick access to other programs, folders and widgets right on your desktop.It’s a key symbol of Apple computers, but with third-party programs, such as Object Dock, Windows machines have the same capability.The contents can be accessed by renaming the .odock extension to and opening the archive with your regular unzipping software. By now, you may have already heard of Object Dock – It’s no stranger to those of us keen on Windows customization.This is the set of Novacons weather icons especially created for the Novaweather object, part of the Novasuite.

Het programma is in een gratis en een twintig dollar kostende Plus-variant verkrijgbaar, waarbij de laatste natuurlijk meer mogelijkheden biedt.Stardock heeft gisteren versie 1.9 van Object Dock uitgebracht.Dit programma is de Windows-tegenhanger van Apple's Dock, waarin snelkoppelingen naar applicaties, games en tools gezet kunnen worden.So forget about the traditional Start menu or the taskbar and start using Object Dock instead.It combines much needed functionality with good looks and ease of use, and that’s definitely a winning combination. Run the file and a standard setup wizard will show up.

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