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re therefore carefully and dilgemly to difchai^ the Duty of a « W^^/i.'/c'^ ///'^^'^»f- in 'eading, ordering and exerciling fid ^'m/i/tru/ . that, according to a statement made by his son, he never realized a cent from it.

And where any Peribn or Pvrfons (Kill rrmove frt Kn your Town, not having firft paid the refpe-flivc Sums cm Prouortion fet upon him or them in Cud Tax or Af&Isment i you uc hereby authorize and imnowered to detcand the Sum or Sunjs afld Tt-d upon fuch Peribn or Perfons, in what Town or Place foevcr ha or they may be found witl jn this Province i and upon rcfufal or ncglrfl to pay the Ume» to• r^-TT^-^ You ?

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io Arms, both inferior OScers and 5 vldiers, and to keep them in good Order and Difciplioc ; hereby commanding them to obey you as dieir • i',-'~y'^/-^ji/fria-n-l andyout(elf to obferve and follow fuch Orders and Inftiuftions, as you (hall from time to time receive fxm Me, or the Commander in Chief for the Time being, or other your fuperior Officers for His Majefty's Service, according to nxilitary Rules and Difcipline, purfuant to the Trufl repofed in yoa Chen under my Hand and Seal at Arms at'^oyx otfy the 'T^? ./ Day of ^^''n-j/'/) - — In the ./^'/r A/ /^7j/ Tear of the Reign of His Majefiy King CEOK(J! the Second, Annoq; Domini, i 7/^, ■cv/) 7 '^r A^i/^/ -/«^--^--/ "~ COMMISSION OF JONATHAN HODGES, CLOTHIER. He married, in 1790, Sarah Danforth, great-granddaughter of Rev.It centers around Miley's promise to Aaron, a seemingly geeky guy at their school, and a last-minute phone call with David Archuleta (who guest stars as himself), asking her to sing a duet with him.She told Lilly that she heard him say he didn't love her, and Lilly started endlessly crying.Browse categories, read reviews and chose best adult webcam sites of 2016 to enjoy online and spring your most daring sexual fantasies to life.Most popular cammodels and sassy online cam shows are at your disposal whenever you’re feeling naughty and sexed up.

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